Our Comprehensive Commercial Services

General Brokerage
Texas Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Services provides full-spectrum real estate brokerage. From listing to closing, the needs of clients seeking to purchase, sell, or lease properties are keenly addressed. Industrial, office, and retail facilities carry their own unique criteria and attention, as do land transactions. We bring buyers and sellers together, with service mindful of and tailored to the needs and objectives of each.

Tenant Representation
We can help stretch your resources by working with you to develop the leasing strategy best suited to your company's physical needs and budget. Then, we'll research and analyze the market for you, prepare a "shopping list" of current and upcoming leasing opportunities consistent with your strategy, and assist in paring down the possibilities to that final, ideal choice. As your representative, we'll even assist in negotiating the terms of your tenancy, giving you the sort of transactional leverage that only a seasoned commercial leasing specialist can apply.

Site Analysis & Selection
When the difference between superlative and so-so business performance hinges on "location, location, location," enlisting the services of a commercial real estate expert can mean the difference between choosing a superior location and an inferior one. Enlist Texas Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Services to perform the critical ground work. We can help you select the best possible place for your business by analyzing demographic, taxation, and environmental issues, identifying retail voids, assembling all the facts regarding such matters as deed and zoning restrictions, land valuations, and easements.

Leasing Analyses
To lease or not to lease? That, very often, is the question our clients ask us to answer. And we respond with the no-stones-unturned leasing versus purchasing analyses that allow them to reach thoroughly informed and economically sound decisions. We also provide consulting services on lease renewals and comparisons.

Acquisition & Disposition Strategies
Whether your interest lies in acquiring real property or disposing of surplus, come to Texas Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Services for some money-saving strategic guidance. We can help sort out the most advantageous ways to structure single or multiple property transfers and exchanges ... can provide the requisite valuations and market analyses ... can help determine and resolve local title and conveyancing issues ... and can maintain effective due diligence in matters pertaining to land use, environmental compliance, and more.

Raw Land Development
We help our client developers put grand plans into motion, from planning to land assemblage to obtaining construction feasibility studies and all necessary municipal reviews and approvals. Even before the completion of the infrastructure, the keenly focused brokerage services work to bring prospective tenants and purchasers to the closing table.

Executive Housing Services
When clients relocate entire companies, they frequently turn to us to help employees find temporary or permanent housing consistent with their tastes and their lifestyles. It's a value-added service of Texas Commercial & Industrial, and as our name implies, the only type of residential real estate we handle.

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